OECD-rapporten ”Regions and Innovation- Collaborating across Borders” är här!

 Nu har äntligen den rykande färska OECD-rapporten ”Regions and Innovation- Collaborating across Borders” kommit! Se sammanfattande texterna om rapporten samt om Hedmark-Dalarnaexemplet nedan.

This report examines cross-border collaboration on innovation, building on case studies of cross-border areas that include the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Och självklart ingår Hedmark-Dalarna som ett eget kapitel, se den inledande sammanfattníngen av kapitlet: Hedmark County (Norway) and Dalarna County (Sweden) are both rural, with the border being remote from regional centres. The total population of less than half a million inhabitants spans across almost 58 800 km², with an economic output of USD 22 billion. Efforts to support collaboration at the border focus on the sector of tourism that both share, and which would be facilitated by the construction of one airport to serve both sides. As most science and technology-related assets are located far from the border, the region does not seem to have the relevant conditions for a broad cross-border regional innovation policy since urban centres are perhaps better served by looking towards other locations rather than this border. On the border, efforts for innovation in other forms, such as in marketing and organisational methods in tourism, are more relevant.

Boken går att köpa här: http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/urban-rural-and-regional-development/regions-and-innovation/hedmark-dalarna-norway-sweden_9789264205307-10-en